Corinne West Smoke Signal: September 2015

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Dear Music Friends and Earth Riders,

Greetings and a tip of the hat to you from an outdoor garden in the center of cold-summer-day San Francisco.

It is the 22nd, and I am on the line to you, spreading words like jelly. Here we are at the end of another beautiful season, resting on the eve of the Autumn Equinox. We are the wheel, while the wheels turns around us. (Yes, for some of you Spring is on the way – but I can’t help being a the California Child I am.) Turn on Sailors!


“Starlight Highway” has been rockin’ the roots chart. Last we checked we were at #24 I believe. Thanks to all roots radio DJ’s and to you off the common-ground-social-grid listeners out there for supporting the wild array of independent music that you love. The arts are held afloat by those that feel the outcome deeply. Bless you.

We will be performing a great deal of the material from “Starlight” next year in Europe, with a variety of shows this fall and winter stateside. The shows can be found here: and this page, like us, is constantly evolving. 

The next gig is on home ground in San Rafael California at the FENIX club on October 9th. Completely looking forward to that play, and the gigs that are in the works. 


Later in October we will be sharing our goods at Folk Alliance’s regional Far-West conference in Oakland, (Oct 15th – 18th). Folk Alliance regardless of the location, (global or local) is always a huge blast and we look forward to returning. That – is a fact.

An Aside:

My moniker band “Fire Is A Phoenix” has been flying around the planet with the tune “Change My Ways.” The cut will be on rotation during the month of October on the in-store playlist for Starbucks. Drink coffee and listen to independent music. Best. Idea. Ever. Further, the tune is now featured on the HBO primetime trailer for season 2 of ‘THE LEFTOVERS”. You can check it out here. I think the editing is boss. You can get the song for your very own here, and find Phoenix on the vast world of Facebook here. If you need something random, go here. 

Fire Is A Phoenix’s music won’t be for all of you, but for some of you, it will really be for you. I invite you to check it out.


Dear Friends, a pleasure to write to you this night. It’s a wild ride on our lovely Earth. Thank the Heavens for Music. Without it I am convinced the planets would fall from space, and I would certainly fall off the Earth.


– Corinne

Current praise for “Starlight Highway”

“With Starlight Highway, Corinne West creates another elegant and graceful album. Her melodic and lyrical songs are brought to life with the support of other fine players who are always in service to the songs. In a subtle and often subdued way, Corinne West is of the finest singer/songwriters of the age.” ~ Eric Alan, KLCC Arts and Culture Host, 6/2015

  “Starlight Highway is transformative:  it sounds – no, it feels – like Corinne has taken you to a different dimension, one that is sensual beyond what music is capable of.” ~ Vents Magazine, Dominican Republic, 5/2015

“Corinne West sings with the purity and romanticism of the fabled nightingale, if it could sing a lyric.” ~ The Atascadero News 4/2015


New Website On The Way. For now, this is a great place where It’s At.

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