Songwriting and Poetry workshop in the Sierras

On April 30th in Quincy, California I collaborated with Jeanne Rana to teach a songwriting and poetry workshop focusing on poetry, songwriting, collapsing artistic blocks, and a few surprises. We incorporated Creative Trance to uncover the goods always ready for…

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Singing in The Netherlands

Great reviews coming in from Starlight Highway in Europe - here is one from the live show at "In The Woods" a few nights ago. Granted... it is in Dutch... translate it if you are bilingual - or explore the…

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Solstice brings light, and a new site ~

Welcome to the new website. I trust you can find your way around and find what you seek. This is not an ordinary site, but neither are you... 

We will be adding art, videos, music, events, musings, poetry, tour…

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November in the UK

We hiked through the mighty wind and rain, chasing the light which we found, here and there. We climbed over the rubble of forgotten buildings, got stuck in the mud, braved the Peak District dales and precipices - all for…Read more

Corinne West Smoke Signal: October, 2015

Dear Music Sailors…

The sun is setting behind her Majesty, Mt. Tamalpais, our golden muse and loyal Lady of the Stars. 

Artwork by Tom Killion

Days are shortening, times are what we make of them. I…

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kicking up dust

We had a mighty time in Oakland performing at Far-West this year. Let's do that again.

Corinne West Smoke Signal: September 2015

Dear Music Friends and Earth Riders,

Greetings and a tip of the hat to you from an outdoor garden in the center of cold-summer-day San Francisco.

It is the 22nd, and I am on the line to…

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