Designs in metal & glass

These select archived sculpture photographs illustrate a time period of Corinne's works from 1998 - 2003 when "The Art Works Studio" was alive in the High Sierra mountains. The Studio operated in a converted 4700 sq. foot Cadillac showroom. The back of the showroom was converted into the first live-work space in downtown Quincy, California.
The Art Works Studio functioned as a partnership. West's focus was both in sculpture and functional art, particularly designing and exploring the mediums of metal and glass.  :: Please click here to find more the Functional Art pieces. ::
While this particular studio has closed, Corinne does engage in certain commissions for custom works.
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(Click this first image below for a small slide show on the making of the piece.)

"THE GENIE BED" Created in 2001, "The Genie Bed" is a large-scale commission walking the fine line of where sculpture meets function. Click on the photo for a short slide-show.

"Begin" Mild Steel. 7' tall. 2001

"SPRUNG" Mild Steel. 5' tall. Collaboration.

"MERGE" 2.5' x 2.5' Mild Steel. Sculpture for the wall.

"UNION" Detail

"UNION" Fused glass. Mild steel. 32" tall. 2002.

"GIRL" Mild Steel. 2002

"GUNSLINGER" Mild Steel. 2000