Corinne West Smoke Signal: August 2015


Dear Music Lovers and Friends, near and far:


I was recently driving up north on the Mighty Hwy 5. Driving. Questioning as I’m driving north, why I refer to north as “up” north,  when I live on a circle. If I pour a glass of water on the highway it does not roll down south. It just rolls down, and down has no exclusive contract with a compass. Down and up should relate to north and south just as in and out relate to left and right, no? I have an inverted map of the world at my house just to remind me that I live on a circle. As I now consider this, this basically means that I use a flat two dimensional visual object to remind me that I live on a circular three dimensional globe. Perhaps pondering of it all is the cusp of the fourth dimension. Who knows?

My body carries me through the stories of my life. My body becomes part of the story, and sometimes takes the leading role. I have recently had more ink deposited into my skin/body by small needles repeatedly drilling and releasing color under my flesh. To my fortune, the needle was held by one who I consider to be an outstanding artist. (See Jeff Gogue.) My tattoos are like pictures in the middle of a novel. Some metaphorical. Some literal. Some black. Some white… all illustrating a time in this body. Bless your body.


There are new shows coming up on the calendar. I have been working with new (to The Bandits that is), extremely talented musicians and I look forward to sharing the musical harvest.

Starlight Highway has been getting some awesome traction, is moving up the Folk-DJ chart and is spreading her wings. It’s a ride to just watch. I want to thank all of the DJ’s spinning the record. After all… as legendary manager Jazz Summer has said: “The start of the 80s it was easier. You’d show up at the radio station with a bag of coke and a bag of money and give them the song. Sorted.” Again, thank you DJ’s who are listening to original music and playing it because they love it. Not because they were paid to play it, in any way shape or form. Hats off to you and your inspirations.

I will likely be writing to you in two weeks time. I want to do this again. I have more to say. You know I appreciate you being with me. Gratitude.

With Love,


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.24.17 AM

Current praise for STARLIGHT HIGHWAY:

“Alluring melodies, poetic lyrics and a ravishing voice fill West’s new album. This is intelligent, introspective, illuminative Americana music that gently caresses and leaves a lasting impression…As you cruise through this ‘Highway,’ you’ll discover delight and serenity.” ~ Pop Culture Classics, Paul Freeman, August 10, 2015

“Corinne West gives us so much within each track. She is an artist full of creativity with music that inspires… Corinne sings from the heart as she touches your heart. Her voice resonates, as we have the pleasure of listening to her latest album, Starlight Highway.”~ HIGH NOTE REVIEW, JR Miller, July 2015 – The full review can be found here:

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New Website On The Way!! For now, this is a great place where It’s At.

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