June's Smoke Signal Newsletter



Dear Lovers of Art & Music, 

:: MUSINGS :: 

Summer Solstice. Our glorious Star / Sun shines longer and stronger than any other day. The wheel turns continually regardless of where we are, who we are, and who we are continually choosing to become. 

Entering summer, I think back on spring, reflecting on the seedling shoots that now color my world in more flushed out forms. I consider, what did I plant in the garden of my life / soul last autumn that is with me now? What shall I weed out? What is worthy of cultivating that will come to full fruition in the harvest months of autumn? What personal illusions can be released? 

May we all hone in, and garden the terrain of our lives with a fierce, gentle trowel. 

the soil is rich - the sky is dependable 

the stars are aligned - searing yet soft 

the breath of the galaxy 

is with you - within you- made of you 




Since I last wrote to you, I have returned from what was an extraordinary tour in the UK. The tour ended up as both a strong personal pilgrimage, and a string of fulfilling shows. Dearest UK, Thank you for opening your land and your succinct magic, and for your people who attended the performances and participated in the music that was offered. I arrived home charged, changed, enchanted, humbled and grateful. 

Upon my return, I am releasing a new line of jewelry. 

Many of you are aware that I am a visual artist / check it out ::  (https://www.corinnewest.com/monoprints) / (https://www.corinnewest.com/metal-glass). 

Another facet of my work is showcased in my designs in jewelry. The latest piece is an Amulet / Pendant entitled “Full Circles”, crafted in 10 grams of sterling silver. Each piece is stamped on the back with a personal signature. 




"Full Circles" 

©2017 Corinne West 

As a visual artist and a poetry/song writer, symbols and metaphors are of the utmost intrigue and importance to me both in writing and three dimensional art. When creating “Full Circles” I have considered deeply the symbolism of the Triad throughout the ages, and have come to the conclusion that the power of any symbol lays within what is of the utmost importance to the bearer. This particular symbol “Full Circles” which holds the Triad / Trinity has a variety of universal significance found globally, throughout history. What is important to me, is that you make this piece your own. 

Below are but a few options for you to infuse and charge the significance of your piece. 

 • Past / Present / Future • 

• Mind / Body / Spirit • 

 • Earth / Sea / Sky • 

• Maiden / Mother / Crone • 

 • Stag / Father / Sage • 

My invitation is for you to take this piece use it with the symbolism and meaning that is important to you. In the end this is all that matters. The triad is also useful for undoing personal manipulation and addiction cycles. 

“Full Circles” offers you a symbol to charge and alter what is important to you currently, in wholeness.

There is always the option that you think the piece is just attractive, and beauty is a Mighty fine reason to wear a symbol too! 

That is all for now good people. 

Please email Micah if you are interested in the piece, or with any general inquiry: micah@corinnewest.com 

All Love, 



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