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Equinox Smoke Signal from Corinne West 



Dear Music Lovers, 

:: MUSINGS :: 

Oh Mighty Sun 
my stinging favorite 
central celestial star 
you continue to hover and burn 
from a power i can name 
yet not understand 

Mysteriously succinct 
i know you today in perfect timing 
your light balanced 

All the while 
i endlessly spin 
around and around 
and around you 
in absentminded 

term stemming from Latin roots 
meaning ‚Äúequal night‚Ä̬†

Harvest time 
Northern Hemisphere sweeps in motion 
prepare for the cold 
warm your heart 
your home 
your loved ones 
regarding undeniably 
the blessed 
Earth beneath you 

©2017 Corinne West 

Artwork by Christian Schloevery. Discover him here. 



When was the last time you sent someone a note in the mail? I always appreciate something handwritten. Should this idea entice you this Halloween season, I have just the thing. Below you will find images of post cards and folding cards… a bit on the eccentric and pop art side of the spectrum. Consider sending an original artwork card from an artist you dig, penned by your own hand, in your own delightful language. Why not? This is an affordable and beautifully personal way to connect. I hope you enjoy the artworks. (All of the images are links to acquire the cards… just click.) 



"JUMPIN' JACK FLASH" Pop Art Post Cards ~ Set of 10 


"BONE CHILDREN" Original linen art cards. Set of 6 - blank inside. 
Detail from rolled ink & stamped original. 
(Watermark does not appear on the cards) 


Perhaps you like the idea of gifting someone an original piece of art? This piece below, 
"JUMPIN' JACK & THE FOXGLOVE COWBOY" is a framed whimsical original. 
This is a one of a kind. ( 1/1 ) 



(The image above is a link. Simply scroll down through the monoprints to find this piece.) 


:: MUSIC :: 

While I have taken a break from heavy touring, I have not taken a break from writing. My hands and psyche are busy in the studio writing the next record, which is turning out to be a multi-dimensional project. More on that soon. This will be a big, beautiful project. 


:: HUMOR :: 

I have started a new book. I only read it at night. Outside. Under street lamps. Alone.  
So far, it's pretty good... 



That is all for now good people. Feel free to email with questions or custom orders at the center of the West. Micah will assist you, or get a message through. (Email: 

Shine through the storm, 


‚ú® Hello from Corinne West ‚ú® 

Dear Music Lovers, 

Hello! Aloha! Howdy! ‚ÄėSup! Guten Tag! őďőĶőĻőĪ ŌÉőĪŌā! Nyob zoo! Konnichiwa!¬†

I write to you on a beautiful overcast morning here in the Lost Sierra. Our world is almost unidentifiable since last we corresponded. I am delighted you are still here. 

Pleased to have you read this article so we can get caught up. 

I am releasing a new single "Plumas Strong" in response the devastating million-acre-burn of the Dixie Fire last summer in Plumas County and surrounding counties here in California. "Plumas Strong" will be released on May 4th. The above article link describes how the song turned into building a not-for-profit organization called "Lost Sierra Wings". Our mission is 'Disaster relief for Plumas County through the Arts'. Our aim with the Dixie Fire is to raise recovery funds and to raise awareness of just how tragic this fire has been ...and how we can heal our rural county from right here.

On April 30th & May 1st "Lost Sierra Wings" is producing a concert at the West End Theatre with yours truly. 100% of the proceeds are doing towards the Dixie Fire through vetted non-profits. 

You and I, we are back in touch. This is splendid. Keep close while i share with you the unfolding of our efforts to heal both habitat and humanity from this catastrophic fire. Send a note if you are interested in more information, or channels for tax deductible donations.

Summer Smoke Signal 

Dear Lovers of Music & Art, 

:: MUSINGS :: 


Ambient One, you dance in my dreams 
Pouring curl after sway over the headland hills 
diaphanous dreams disappearing 
at the mouth of the rainbow tunnel 

Ambient One, you have awakened me 
i was asleep for too long 
my nest became thick 
twigs petrified 
light faded in a slow tomb 
you did not break the walls 
you simply lifted me 
through the opening i could not see 
lifted me 

Ambient One you inspire me 
yesterday a nomad leaf flew into the house 
landed on the 5th string of my guitar 
my guitar there, in that chair 
fallen from the tree 
rambling through the sky 
5th string struck 
a tone rang 
re-sounding in this cabin 
a note no one played 
a love note 
from you 
to me 

Ambient One, I feel you 
you are in all things 
pictures on a restaurant wall 
the scent of basil 
the mystery of sound 
a long gaze from a passing child 
you are hiding 
right in front of me 

©2017 Corinne West 


Recently a friend pointed me in the direction of the song "Re: Stacks" by Bon Iver. While I had listened to the song, and adored the melody, I had never truly listened to the lyrics. Upon listening, my mind flew out of my skull, and my heart escaped from my ribcage. I gathered them up again and knew I was a larger person with this genius piece of music in my system. With all of that in place, I decided to give back to the song. I don't know much about the technical side pf making a video, but I know a ton about being inspired, designing and making things happen. This is not a professional piece. This has nothing to do with publicity. This is an offering to a song that shook my world. 

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you Bon Iver. 

                                 (Click the photo to view the piece) 

:: ARTWORK :: 

There is a new piece available on the website. It's entitled "If So Then Maybe Why" and is a part of a series. This is a monoprint. Click here for more information. 

Every piece has a story. Custom pieces are available... and can be inspired from a story you tell me. 

"If So Then Maybe Why" 
©2017 Corinne West 


:: JEWELRY :: 

This year I released the first of 11 Amulet / Pendants. I have shared the first one, "Full Circles" with you in the last newsletter. "Full Circles" is now available for you on the website. Check it out here. 

Artwork ©2017 Corinne West 


:: MUSIC :: 

Earlier this year I released the single "The Yew Tree", and toured behind the release in the UK. This was a wonderful tour, and an enchanting song to cover. 

Since the release of "The Yew Tree", I have been writing for a new recording. 

Across the board my inspiration is on HIGH. 
I am working in many platforms simultaneously. 
I will keep you informed regarding any upcoming performances. 

Thank you for engaging and supporting my work, and the arts in general. 

That is all for now good people. 

Shine through the storm, 


Custom works are available in most mediums: Songwriting / jewelry / fine art. 
Send a note if you would love to commission something original: 


June's Smoke Signal Newsletter 



Dear Lovers of Art & Music, 

:: MUSINGS :: 

Summer Solstice. Our glorious Star / Sun shines longer and stronger than any other day. The wheel turns continually regardless of where we are, who we are, and who we are continually choosing to become. 

Entering summer, I think back on spring, reflecting on the seedling shoots that now color my world in more flushed out forms. I consider, what did I plant in the garden of my life / soul last autumn that is with me now? What shall I weed out? What is worthy of cultivating that will come to full fruition in the harvest months of autumn? What personal illusions can be released? 

May we all hone in, and garden the terrain of our lives with a fierce, gentle trowel. 

the soil is rich - the sky is dependable 

the stars are aligned - searing yet soft 

the breath of the galaxy 

is with you - within you- made of you 




Since I last wrote to you, I have returned from what was an extraordinary tour in the UK. The tour ended up as both a strong personal pilgrimage, and a string of fulfilling shows. Dearest UK, Thank you for opening your land and your succinct magic, and for your people who attended the performances and participated in the music that was offered. I arrived home charged, changed, enchanted, humbled and grateful. 

Upon my return, I am releasing a new line of jewelry. 

Many of you are aware that I am a visual artist / check it out ::  ( / ( 

Another facet of my work is showcased in my designs in jewelry. The latest piece is an Amulet / Pendant entitled¬†‚ÄúFull Circles‚ÄĚ,¬†crafted in 10 grams of sterling silver. Each piece is stamped on the back with a personal signature.¬†




"Full Circles" 

©2017 Corinne West 

As a visual artist and a poetry/song writer, symbols and metaphors are of the utmost intrigue and importance to me both in writing and three dimensional art. When creating ‚ÄúFull Circles‚ÄĚ I have considered deeply the symbolism of the Triad throughout the ages, and have come to the conclusion that the power of any symbol lays within what is of the utmost importance to the bearer. This particular symbol ‚ÄúFull Circles‚ÄĚ which holds the Triad / Trinity has a variety of universal significance found globally, throughout history. What is important to me, is that you make this piece your own.¬†

Below are but a few options for you to infuse and charge the significance of your piece. 

¬†‚ÄĘ Past / Present / Future ‚Äʬ†

‚ÄĘ Mind / Body / Spirit ‚Äʬ†

¬†‚ÄĘ Earth / Sea / Sky ‚Äʬ†

‚ÄĘ Maiden / Mother / Crone ‚Äʬ†

¬†‚ÄĘ Stag / Father / Sage ‚Äʬ†

My invitation is for you to take this piece use it with the symbolism and meaning that is important to you. In the end this is all that matters. The triad is also useful for undoing personal manipulation and addiction cycles. 

‚ÄúFull Circles‚ÄĚ offers you a symbol to charge and alter what is important to you currently, in wholeness.

There is always the option that you think the piece is just attractive, and beauty is a Mighty fine reason to wear a symbol too! 

That is all for now good people. 

Please email Micah if you are interested in the piece, or with any general inquiry: 

All Love, 



April's Smoke Signal Newsletter 


Dear Lovers of Art & Music, 

:: MUSINGS :: 

Earth Day. 
Our Amazing Earth. 
Right here… right now… under you. 
Supporting you. 
Us... cascading all over Earth. 
Every day. Every night. 
It ALL goes down, right here. 
Laughing, crying, evolving, witnessing, creating, loving, dying… 
She's a true 360ňô powerhouse,¬†our Great Earth. I am in awe and I¬†love¬†her so.¬†

Earth - our outdoor / indoor spaceship. We are flying through our home Galaxy at a ridiculous pace on her back. And today - is Her day. This afternoon I have looked at many images and pieces of art featuring our Earth. Looking at where we are from the vantage point of images taken from space… it is astounding and I never tire of the view. 

Nothing less than miraculous, our time here. 
The Earth gives and gives and gives to us… everything. 
Even on Her day, she offers broad and powerful perspective of our unbelievable locale... 

All you have to do, is look at her. 



(Artist unknown to me) 


A few vitals… click here. 


The single ‚ÄėThe Yew Tree‚Äô has been released, and is making waves on the radio in the UK.¬†

"Do go and see her because, live, she is simply wonderful" 
~ (The Legendary) Mike Harding, DJ, UK. 

Thank you for all the kind feedback on the cut. I have never produced a song like The Yew Tree… so stark, so bare, so haunting. Written by Brian McNeill of The Battlefield Band, the song seems to be a hopeful dirge of sorts, shooting straight out from the middle of the Earth. 
You can get your copy of the single by sauntering over here. 

:: SHOWS :: 

The Yew Tree Tour is about to launch in England on the 27th of this month. The tour will wind its way through much of beautiful England, up to mighty Scotland, and fortunately spend a short time on enchanting Welsh soil. 

I am bringing one accompanist with me for this run, the Grateful Cellist, Dirje Childs. Dirje is a dear friend, and a fine musician. (My favorite combination on the road.) You can learn more about her here. 


Thursday 27th April ~ OTTERTON MILL - OTTERTON 
Friday 28th April - SQUARE & COMPASS - SWANAGE 
Saturday 29th April - OTLEY COURTHOUSE - OTLEY 
Sunday 30th April - THE FOLLY - SETTLE 
Monday 8th May - CRAFTS & THINGS - GLENCOE 
Saturday 13th May - ROOTS ’N’ALL - BARRY 

All tour specifics can be found by clicking here 

That is all for now good people. 

With Love, 


March's Smoke Signal Newsletter 

Dear Lovers of Art & Music, 


:: MUSINGS :: 


Perhaps every season - is really a portal. Stand still, run, jump rope or swim… the colors will change all around you. There is no stopping this. Nothing you can do but be a part of it. The smells will change.… the Feel. the Sky - the Light, the Leaves… all of it. 


We are not separate from change, but woven into it. Here we are, morphing with everything around us - catalyzing alterations while altering as a result of everything that is happening. 

This Spring I am experiencing a vivid call to refine, to further align, to evolve. I feel it on a cellular level, in my thought patterns. I can feel it in how I interact with people, where my heart is, and within the belief systems I have constructed. 

This is Spring Cleaning time. It’s exciting. And the world… sings. 
Lucky lucky Us. 


Did I share with you that I am releasing a single? The song is called The Yew Tree. I learned this song in the High Sierra mountains when I was a young woman. We would sing it a cappella in 3 or 4 part harmony. I have always loved it. The original was written by Brain McNeill in 1984 I believe. Apparently it was one of those songs that virtually wrote itself. Last year when I began working with the cello, I became riveted with the idea of recording a completely stripped down version of The Yew Tree. No guitar. Just my voice, and the drone of a cello. April 14th the song is released - and at the end of April I leave for The Yew Tree tour to support the song in the UK. 

You can get your pre-release copy through my site here. I hope you enjoy it - and I appreciate your support in bringing the music to the world. 

:: SHOWS :: 

The tour in the UK is right around the corner... here are some details below: 




 ~ UK DATES ~ 

Thursday 27th April ~ OTTERTON MILL - OTTERTON 
Friday 28th April - SQUARE & COMPASS - SWANAGE 
Saturday 29th April - OTLEY COURTHOUSE - OTLEY 
Sunday 30th April - THE FOLLY - SETTLE 
Monday 8th May - CRAFTS & THINGS - GLENCOE 
Saturday 13th May - ROOTS ’N’ALL - BARRY 

All tour specifics can be found by clicking here 

That is all for now good people. 

With Love, 


Join me on Faceplant, Instagram, Twitter - and all that jazz.

February's Smoke Signal Newsletter 

Dear Lovers of Music & Art, 

:: MUSINGS :: 

clever words, furrowed brow 
silent sword far from me now 
western bell only hollow sounds 
the ending of the mourning 

pen dance sideways on the page 
aristocrat stumbles in the maze 
all the while i sit and gaze 
in the opal seaside setting 

stolen calf upon the hill 
cares not that he’s standing still 
foxglove cowboy times it well 
he passes me a letter 

moon my mother moon my child 
bathe me in your light a while 
you have felt the river smile 
for everything unfolding 

sticks and stones and hands in sand 
pounding fists upon the land 
dawn brings promise rising grand 
despite this shaking thunder 

                                       Corinne West 


I have just returned from the International Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City, Missouri where in a burst of inspiration and playful magic I connected with a few friends to shoot a casual video. We captured a version of the song 'Audrey Turn The Moon' from the record 'Starlight Highway'.

Check it out here.

In late December I journeyed to South East Asia to be in a place where I could not read the street signs. I wanted to step outside of all familiar ground and flight patterns - to write the next record. South East Asia took me by storm. While I did write music, I was wildly inspired by art forms I was not expecting. In Myanmar I wrote music, and designed blankets, and tried desperately to understand what I was eating. In sacred Buddhist caves I wrote melodies and marveled at the deep beauty of a cultural devotion foreign to me, while contemplating the juxtaposition of thousands of reclining statues against the drive of a more upright-poised western civilization. 

In the end I designed clothing and jewelry which I look forward to sharing with you at shows, and on the website soon. 

I almost forgot, I did design a new sticker while in Thailand that is available on the site. It was inspired by blending my visual art with lyrics to cross pollinate the artforms. It's art. It's now. It's original. It's waiting for you.

:: SHOWS :: 

The Yew Tree UK Tour - 2017: At the end of April I will be touring once again in the beautiful United Kingdom. This run of performances is in support of a single I am releasing called The Yew Tree. The Yew Tree is a magnificent song written by Brian McNeill of The Battlefield Band. I learned the song in the oral tradition in the High Sierra mountains of California when I was 20, and the words have slayed me in the best of ways for years. Look out for this single release. I am proud to bring a song written in the United Kingdom that I learned in the California mountains as a young woman, back to it's homeland in another incarnation. 

THE YEW TREE TOUR DATES ARE HERE - I will be bringing the lovely Dirje Childs out on this tour. Join us for a show or two.

That is all for now good people. 


“She's nobody's clone and, whether on the ballads or the albums or the clutch of more uptempo numbers
she has an aching purity of her own.‚Ä̬†¬†
- FATEA, Mike Davies


January's Smoke Signal Newsletter 



Photo: Jeanne Rana

Dear Lovers of Music & Art, 

:: MUSINGS :: 

There is an art form to reading the signs. Everyone has their own methods, or can develop them. I’ll share with you one of mine (in a very encapsulated form): The Little Bells and The Great Bells. The Little Bells are the bells that ring for you throughout the day. These are the instincts steering you through traffic, meetings, articles to read, who to interact with, landing the ace parking spot, knowing what food your body needs that day, if you need water, if you need to communicate something, where to invest your energies for the day… as it is the collection of small decisions that when zoomed out have formed and informed your ever-evolving big picture. In short the Little Bells navigate you night to night, day to day. 

The Great Bells are not as continuous, but hold quite a bit more revelation. These are the Big Moves. Epiphanies. Sometimes they only show up as glances, or sparks. Sometimes they ring over the entire village of your mind for ten minutes, halting all of your internal industry and play. While taking action on The Great Bells can be denied, their occurrence cannot be denied. You definitely Just - Felt - That. The Great Bells can seem far-fetched. Crazy. Not doable. Disruptive. Absurd to follow through on. A pipe dream. Ahhhh, but this is generally when they are signposting to a most amazing turn in your life. This is a sacred triangle where the Imagination meets Action, and the Unknown - a power-precipice that leads to new invention, unheard of adventures, and a most insanely great turn in your life which you were not anticipating. 


The Bells are gold, copper and bronze, all mined from your psyche. Their shape and tone is specific to you. They ring to celebrate you. To warn you, guide you, wake you up and calm you. Their resonance extends ripple after ripple after ripple. 

Indeed, there is an art form to reading the signs. Listen. Remain engaged, focused, strong …yet un-calcified. 

You only know - if you go. 






This month I have been greatly honored by receiving these two awards. The voting went on for a month across many borders. Sincere appreciation to all who took part in this and voted. This is off the hook, and wonderful. Again, I am honored to have felt this flood of artistic support from the musical community. Special thanks to GSMC and congratulations to all who were nominated and selected. 

Currently I am in South East Asia creating a new line of silver jewelry, designing clothing prototypes and writing material for the sixth record. There will be much to share with you all as the fruits of this journey materialize. 


©2017 Corinne West 


:: SHOWS :: 

Folk Alliance: Next on the performance front: I will be showcasing at the International Folk Alliance Conference February 15th - 19th in Kansas City, MO. I will perform 7-8 unofficial short showcases, accompanied by Ms. Dirje Childs on the cello. 

The Yew Tree UK Tour - 2017: Coming up this Spring is a return to the beautiful United Kingdom. Dates are set in Wales, England and Scotland, with more to be announced. Please see the tour page  for details. I am greatly looking forward to this… 

That is all for now good people. 

The bells are ringing, warm and bright - warm and bright… 


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December's Smoke Signal Newsletter 



Photo: Ting Vogel

Dear Lovers of Music & Art, 

Being a California-coastal native, I have no claims to harsh winters here. In fact, as I write to you, I am looking out at a palm tree, and considering good fortune. Regardless, the darkest night of the year takes no season into account. This palm tree, the rains that have washed through Los Angeles and the sail boats in my further view have all crossed the threshold into winter, surviving once again the darkest night of the year. 

At sunset last night I walked to the shore to find people, gazing, even surfing, the last rays of Autumn. 





This year has been full of great events and kudos: satisfying tours overseas, nominations for awards in music stateside and abroad, exhibits of fine art in 3 galleries, sold out performances, blazingly deep experiences in the Hypnotherapy & Songwriting workshops, rocking recognition for ‚ÄúStarlight Highway‚Ä̂Ķ I thank you all for your participation on any front. It has indeed been a stellar year. And 2017??? You, are next. Buckle up.¬†

:: SHOWS :: 

The December 17th SEVA show at the UC Berkeley Theatre was off the hook. I paired it down for this show - just myself and a grand cellist…. the only women on the bill. No frills. Just raw delivery. What a high time. Further, I received the gift of being absolutely blown through the ozone by Lukas Nelson & The Promise of the Real that night. Watch out for them. They are the real deal incarnate holding some serious light, talent and power to share with us. 

A majority of this winter will be spent writing the 6th studio album. This is a deep dive into the heart and psyche. Where the songs and art source from, no one can lay claim to. They can only visit and then testify within their creations. This is a place filled with twilight and dawn, surge and silence, storm and calm - simultaneously. I will let you know what I discover, and then figure out how to share it with you. 

May your holidays and new year be filled with promise and love. 

That is all for now good people. 

Drop the anchor low, 


'Starlight Highway' chosen as one of the best released in 2016  "California-based singer-songwriter Corinne West has a sweet voice that brings out the full flavour of her evocative songs. 
The 10 songs are uniformly strong on this self-produced album..."  ~ THE TELEGRAPH 

‚ÄúShe's nobody's clone and, whether on the ballads¬†or the albums clutch of more uptempo numbers she has an aching purity of her own.‚Ä̬†¬†¬†-¬†FATEA,¬†Mike Davies¬†

4 STARS ~ "Dreamy songs inhabiting the folk-country borderlands. Distant and beautiful." 

‚Äú‚Ķa California singer with an angelic voice.‚Ä̬†

‚ÄúThis album reminds me of T.S. Eliot‚Äôs poem, ‚ÄėThe Wasteland,‚Äô in that no one fully understands it,¬†
but the majority of those who read it declare it to be brilliant.‚Ä̬†

"It doesn't suck to be Corinne West. 
She writes great songs, plays with top flight musicians, sports a killer voice..." 

November's Smoke Signal Newsletter 

Dear Lovers of Music & Art,

The great snap of winter is upon us. The Holidays are rushing in. Wherever you are in the world, the season of celebration is in the air. I wish the warmest for you and yours as we move towards the shortest day. The great darkening of the skies. The ancient lighting of the fires and glimmering of lights. The hibernation and gestation, eventually turning our world back to the buoyancy of spring. Miraculous, no? 


This last month I have been archiving my artworks, and bringing them to life on the site. It has been interesting archiving past works in metal design and glass, and documenting new works in printmaking media. 

Below is a detail from the "Genie Bed" showing how the headboard was designed to be backlit. It looks spectacular at night. The discs on the side of the star below the points are glass holders. The piece in the middle is a velvet pillow, while the glowing discs are glass that I fused. (You must load images to see the photo.)  If you click here, and click on the bed photo, you will be able to view a short slide show which takes you through some of the stages in the making of the "Genie Bed", as well as other sculpture from that time period. It's been an adventure bringing this side of myself to back into view. 

Many new monoprints are now showcased on the site as well. Day by day more pieces get documented and uploaded. I have been very busy in the studio discovering new techniques, while furthering the processes I have developed. 

Here is a detail from a piece titled "The Theory Of Everything"

I just received word today that 3 of my pieces will be included in "THE ART OF THE SPIRIT" exhibit at the O'Hanlon Center for the arts in Mill Valley. I am honored to be included in this show, as 46 artists submitted a total of 107 pieces, and only 43 were selected. "Union" (Metal & Glass), "Ascending" (Monoprint & Stencil), and "Dreaming With You" (Monoprint & Original Photographs, (seen below) were chosen for this show. 

More information on all artworks can be found under the "Music & Art" link in the menu bar. 

If you are looking for a unique gift this season, or for any reason, many pieces are available, including cards. Further, more works are being uploaded every week in between creating new works! 

:: SHOWS ::

December 2nd: I will be performing at a house concert in San Mateo. This is an intimate show, and seating is very limited! RSVP required: Contact Joyce: email: Or text: 650-863-7814

December 17th: Berkeley Theatre, CA Join us in the holiday spirit, and give the gift of sight at this holiday SEVA benefit. We have proudly been working with SEVA for over a decade. This benefit show features Corinne West & The Bandits, the excellent Lukas Nelson, and Poor Man’s Whisky. Three bands, plus our favorite cosmic clown, Wavy Gravy. Give the gift of sight - be a part of the organization that has given sight to over 4 million human beings while enjoying live music.


Private group or personal lessons in lyric-crafting and songwriting are available. These programs include hypnotherapy, (light trance) moving through creative blocks, new ways to access creative content, and both lyric and song structuring.

What people are saying:¬†‚ÄúCorinne‚Äôs workshop helped open doors to places I didn't know existed within me. I'm grateful to be offered authentic guidance from this generous teacher.‚ÄĚ - KT

That is all for now good people. 

Drop the anchor low,


‚ÄúShe's nobody's clone and, whether on the ballads¬†or the albums clutch of more uptempo numbers she has an aching purity of her own.‚Ä̬†¬†¬†
- FATEA, Mike Davies

'Starlight Highway' chosen as one of the best released in 2016  "California-based singer-songwriter Corinne West has a sweet voice that brings out the full flavour of her evocative songs. The 10 songs are uniformly strong on this self-produced album..."  ~ THE TELEGRAPH, UK

‚Äú‚Ķa California singer with an angelic voice.‚Ä̬†¬†


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